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Awqaf Manager, we are a strategic philanthropic organization. We work to promote the development of the Muslim community in France by supporting structures useful for it and where the need arises.

AL WAKF FRANCE is not an association but an endowment fund whose essence of mission is the waqf. It is not a cause in itself but supports the durability of Muslim projects. Our fund consists of an irrevocable allocation of property for the performance of missions of general interest.



The main mission of the waqf is to remedy complex social issues and also to have its own resources and revenues allocated 100% to social causes. Indeed, it is for all of us to build a heritage, generating dividends for the community and generations to come.

This is why AL WAKF FRANCE, beyond its current objectives, wants to actively participate in the flowering of structures useful to Muslims in France with a view to building a modern, open, visionary society for future generations.



Updated in our context and our times, AL WAKF FRANCE relies on targeted acquisition research, controlled implementation and careful monitoring of the fund.



AL WAKF FRANCE has 2 rental properties.

350m² in Bondy (93): 5 apartments

71m² in Limoges (87): 3 apartments

2rental properties
1274998Value of Heritage
1prochain projet 16/5000 next project
4400000Value of the project


The Executive Bureau

The Executive Board is the highest authority of AL WAKF FRANCE. For these reasons, it meets regularly to define the orientations, to direct the advisory commissions, to approve the projects to present to the Board of Directors.
It is made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General and the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer. Depending on the decisions to be taken, it relies on expert commissions in the various fields of activity of AL WAKF FRANCE.

Board of directors

Decisions made in our governance serve primarily the objectives of organization, transparency, control, steering actions and the resources to ensure their sustainability.

In particular with regard to the Board of Directors, it decides on the general strategy as well as the management of assets and investments.


Pour remplir sa mission au mieux, AL WAKF FRANCE s’appuie sur une équipe d’experts tout au long des étapes nécessaires à l’acquisition et la gestion d’un waqf.

Awqaf come mainly from donations or legacies of individuals or companies.
They are thus maintained and their productivity generates income or assets which serve to increase the fund which allows to distribute dividends to Muslim works.

But AL WAKF FRANCE is also acquiring acquisitions it buys to make them productive and add dividends to the Fund.

This commission is in charge of the search for acquisitions that AL WAKF FRANCE could obtain to produce dividends. These acquisitions are essentially real estate.

She studies the property (land, building, pavilion, warehouse ….) And assesses, in particular the viability, the income it can generate …
Financial approach, prospective, asset valuation, changes in legislation
As well as new methods of evaluation are all issues that the Commission is studying.

It studies the optimization of the investment, the means to make the property grow, sets up the organization of its management, and quantifies the results.

Its mission is to value the flows resulting from studies to determine the profitability or the financing of an acquisition.

For this, it builds several scenarios resulting from a sensitivity analysis conducted from the different risks incurred by the project and to define implementation strategies.

It is based on an evaluation of investment projects including: identification of the property, preliminary studies, feasibility, financial evaluation, economic evaluation.

It verifies that the given good, its purpose, the transaction and the use is in adequacy with the waqf system and its jurisprudence.

The legitimacy of the waqf is justified by the Qur’an and the Sunnah but is not mentioned by name and directly in the Quran,
although his mind is in perfect harmony with many of his verses and hadiths.

Legally, the waqf is a separate category between the land of kharâdj (state property), and the property “melk” (“private”).
Awqaf are a religious property of mortmain, immobilized and sequestrated for the benefit of foundations created for pious purposes or for public purposes.

This commission carries out all stages of the donation or bequest or acquisition and monitors the use of the property.

It is responsible for taking into account all the legal parameters of the donated goods, to evaluate them, to carry out all the administrative steps until they become a waqf.

Research and Acquisitions Commission
Commission Real Estate Expertise
Theological Commission
Financial Commission
Legal Commission

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    C'est une occasion pour vous aussi, à travers votre sadaqa jariya, de participer à la construction d'un patrimoine destiné aux générations futures.
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