The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing on Him) and the Waqf

A certain Al Bar died a few months before the installation of the Prophet ()…

The sultan Qaytbay’s wikala

During his pilgrimage to Mecca in 884/1479, Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf ad-Din Qayt Bay (Mamluk Sultan of the Tower (Burjites) of Egypt from 1468 to 1496) was greatly affected by the scarcity situation. in which were the needy of Mecca.


The water point of Ar-Ruhma, the donation of Omar Ibn Al Kattab (may Allah be pleased with him), the palm grove of Bayruha

Awqaf through the stories of Ibn Jubayr

Abū ad-Dīn al-Husayn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Jubayr (1145-1217) est un fonctionnaire de cour, intellectuel et écrivain d’Al-Andalous.

Expo "Parlons du waqf"

Le waqf s’inscrit dans la tradition musulmane en tant que dispositif d’affectation des rendements de propriété privée

Les institutions d'awqaf ottomans​

The waqf system was one of the building blocks of the Ottoman economic and social order.

Brief history of waqf

It is especially from the fifth century of the Hegira that the awqaf have taken a large scale throughout the Arab-Muslim world.

The vizier 'Ali son of Isa, Ali ibn Isa al-Jarrah

Ali ibn Isa ibn Daoud al-Jarrah (Dayr Qunna, 859 – Baghdad, 1 August 946), was a Persian leader of the Abbasid caliphate. Coming from a family with a long history of service in the Abbasid government,

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