AL WAKF France chose Payal as intermediary to receive donation. In fact at the time of the transactions, no bank coordinated ones are divulged, thus coordinated them only are held by Paypal

Pay with PayPal – this is reassured, simple and free.

PayPal is a service that allows you to pay online, to send and to receive money without dividing your bank information.

This is reassured

As bank establishment within the European Union, PayPal offers you more than 10 years of experience in the online reassured payments. PayPal encrypts and reassures your bank information and never communicates them to the addressee of your payments.

It is simple and quick

More need to seize the 16 figures of your bank card every time that you made a purchase online. Use simply your identifying PayPal: email and password. Your transactions are instantaneous.

It is free

Pay in line with PayPal does not cost you dearer than with your bank card. If you gone shopping in Euros in the Euro Zone of the European Union, it is free.


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    Grâce au patrimoine waqf acquis par AL WAKF FRANCE, nous pouvons financer différents bénéficiaires tels que les établissements scolaires privés musulmans

    C'est une occasion pour vous aussi, à travers votre sadaqa jariya, de participer à la construction d'un patrimoine destiné aux générations futures.
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